Photorealistic 3d Texture Mapping

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Software Solutions for Photorealistic 3D Texture Mapping

Arah Drape 3.3b is the world best available photorealistic 3d texture mapping software for visual representation. And the software has most user-friendly interface. Here you can see the fabric on real world object, how it will look-a-like, without physical production of fabric e.g. upholstery, curtain, dress material, carpet etc. In other word ArahDrape is the best suitable tools to show the looks of the woven fabric on real world object. As we have experienced these digital tools will help to increase the market base of your range of product by B2B or cataloguing and ultimately get higher profit margins for the company. ArahDrape is used by various industry segment e.g. Fabric Manufacturers, B2B/B2C Portal Developers, Printers, Furnishers, Interiors etc. Some special features make this software unique

Screen Shots

Advanced Digital Tools


  • Auto as well as manual region formation
  • Add or remove vector point on any point of region
  • Auto simple & complex mesh generation with the grid lines
  • Add multiple horizontal or vertical grid lines to formation of complex mesh
  • Drape the scanned or jacquard simulated fabric texture on real world object image of any shade even on black shade
  • Control the additional light intensity
  • Stretching draped fabric texture in X & Y co-ordinate direction
  • Scale the draped fabric texture
  • Rotate the draped fabric texture at any angle
  • You can save the draped image with single/multiple fabric texture or single/multiple plain colour as a one draped file for cataloguing
  • Draped the fabric texture as per fabric actual size
  • Print output is as similar as fabric texture colour shed with the help of CIE lab based colourimetry
  • Maintain the geometric distortions in the fabric caused by perspective view, creases or simply the 3D volume of the real-world object even after woven fabric mapping
  • Customised the texture strength and midtone
  • Can transparent the fabric texture to natural look of original image as background.

Fabric Texture Mapping

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