Integrated software solutions for Woven Jacquard-Dobby

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Integrated software solutions for Woven Jacquard-Dobby

Arah Weave 9.4i gives the solutions for Jacquard-Dobby fabrics designing and their concerned outputs e.g. technical graph or digital graph file for mechanical (Handloom or Powerloom) and for digital file for electronic Jacquard-Dobby. The software has most user-friendly interface. This is the only software across the globe which gives you fastest online fabric simulation as per yarn specifications against your design. As we have experienced these digital tools will reduce your sampling overheads. Creating fabrics from customer's sample is one of the most common designers work at woven fabric production centre.

ArahWeave is used for wide range of woven jacquard fabric e.g. Home Furnishing such as bed-covers, curtains, table mat, cushions, Saaree, shawls, stole, scarf, terry towel, wall hangings, photorealistic POSTER, self-design damask fabrics, selvedge monogram, label etc. and also for woven dobby fabric e.g. suiting-shirting, tweeds, dress materials, bed linen, table mat, curtains, terry towels, blanket Space dyed plaid, seersucker, traditional Thai fabric with one extra or two extra warp etc.

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Advanced Digital Tools


  • Library of Pantone, RAL, China silk, Leinfelder Textilwerke & Zignago Linen 26 Nm colour codes
  • Library of Fancy yarns like - Flame, Melange, Mouline, Donegal & irregular etc. yarns
  • Parametric yarn editor
  • Editing of scanned yarn
  • Create fancy yarn
  • Automatically poster weaving; conversion of scanned or digital photo image into fabric without doing any colour reduction & image editing for tapestry it also includes the readymade weaves. this features are available for multi-colour warp & multi-colour weft design or grayscale mode both
  • Auto sharpness on the edges of satin & sateen weaves at the time of applying the weave
  • Normal & compound weave editing
  • Auto generate Satin / Sateen / Twill Weave
  • Magic Weave Correction
  • Make Crepe Weave
  • Auto / manual Float Correction
  • ave weave information with the design file
  • Library of 42,000+ readymade weave
  • Photorealistic online simulation Face / Back for multi-layer fabric with effect of different counts, it will automatically re-simulate the fabric after changing the warp-weft colour sequence or change of weave
  • Complete saree photorealistic simulation at a time according to different warp density in border & body and also different weft density in pallu
  • Get simulated fabric as per fabric actual size on screen
  • Complete simulation of the pointed harness tie
  • Simulation of cut-work(fil-coupe) design
  • CIE lab based colourimetry (screen & printer profile the best possible colour match without guessing)
  • Auto & manual float can be corrected
  • Technical data, consumption of yarns and fabric cost calculation
  • Configure jacquard configuration according to tie of harnessing
  • Send the design through floppy/pen drive as well as networks
  • Support all electronic Jacquard machine interfaces formats e.g. BONAS(.EP), STAUBLI JC3, STAUBLI JC4, STAUBLI JC4B, STAUBLI JC5, STAUBLI JC6, GROSSE(.WEA), SCHLEICHER(.s01), tis Actrom, AVL Compu-Jacq(.J1P), JTS TAKEMURA(.DAT) & Veritex(.PAT), Muller(.UPT) etc. Also support all electronic Dobby formats STAUBLI 1858 III(.DB1), GCi CCI Tech Dobby(.SF2), DORNIER AT-AMV Dialog Pane, DORNIER DoStyle, DORNIER DoTech(.PAT), DORNIER DoWeave(.DES), JianYin TongYuan(.DY), NISSAN NAX, Nuovo Pignone FAST(.ARM), PANTER(.d), PANTER .dOO .wOO .a00, PICANOL (.DES), SMITTEXTILE G6300(.ARM), SOMET (.ARM), SOMET (.DOP .COP), SULZERTEXTIL (.UWF), TOYOTA JAT710, VAMATEX(.PID .PIW), Weaving Information File(.wif) etc..
  • Also support for the electronic drawing-in machine formats which draws in the warp threads in to healds(shaft) and reed e.g. STAUBLI Delta 110, SuperVega(.SVI) & ELM Vega(.VIF)
  • Image from jacquard file
  • Also support for the electronic Warping Machine e.g. Suzuki(.MZ) & JianYin TongYuan(.CEL) and CCI Tech Warper(.SFZ). And also, support for the electronic card punching machine
  • Image from jacquard file
  • Simulation from jacquard file
  • Print up to 8x8 fabrics on the same page
  • Simulation from jacquard file
  • Print up to 8x8 fabrics on the same page
  • Continuos graph print of design
  • Zip file for Staubli JC5, Staubli-JC6 & Bonas 500 & Bonas 600 controller series
  • Support for writing jacquard card files on USB flash drive, which is formatted as a floppy disk. To use it, you need to replace a floppy drive on Jacquard (JC4, JC5, Bonas, Grosse) controller with so called floppy emulator drive, which is put in place of floppy drive, so that it can read USB memory key. No other changes are necessary on the controller, as controller will "think" it is still using the floppy
  • Sending card files to loom controller via network directly from ArahWeave
  • Make & get output for 65,520 picks, by default & also make & get output for bigger size design upto 2,62,144 pick on special request and extra price
  • Support for all common dobby interfaces. Importing of dobby formats and transformation design into ArahWeave works automatically
  • Automatic creation of text label at beginning and at the end of fabric roll
  • Fabric view in main ArahWeave window displays exactly the number of threads in fabric width, which you set in fabric technical specification – so you can check the left and the right edge of the fabric, if the yarn pattern or design motif is placed perfectly in the fabric
  • Drawing thread pattern (yarns) directly in the fabric simulation
  • Generation of crêpe (sable) weaves
  • Simulation of Fil coupe, Overprint, Chine, Ikat, Seersucker, raised finish and wrinkles
  • You can see over print of any design on simulated fabric
  • Colour separation & selection
  • Simulation in combined form with either single ikat or double ikat effect along with extra warp & extra weft
  • Simulation of fabric with seersucker effect
  • For ERP software integration, will get .XML & .HTML data
  • Browse all electronic Jacquard / Dobby file from any media
  • Guess Weft colors from Jacquard / Dobby file
  • Guess Regulator (Creaming) from Jacquard / Dobby file
  • Guess Fringe from Jacquard / Dobby file
  • Auto Generate (Randomly) Warp / Weft Pattern
  • Edit decomposed warp / weft pattern
  • Convert extra weft design to extra warp OR extra warp design to extra weft with regulator / denting
  • Optimize the number of shafts
  • Balance the weight of shafts
  • Change heavy shaft position
  • Support for warping (sections on wrapper, calculating the position of yarn cones on wrapper (creel)
  • 3D view of fabric simulation
  • Fabric cross section view
  • Weft blanket for assembling several fabrics together into single design
  • Reduce shaft jump
  • Suggest shaft merge
  • Graphical as well as Numeric drafting / peg plan
  • Price calculation of fabric including all charges
  • Edit / View of Warp & Weft blankets
  • Warping report with all details
  • Extract data using loom layout
  • Reading EAT card file & Sophis card file.
  • Reading Nedgraphics .PAR weave file
  • Screen Size in Arahne software is 1Meter to 10 Meter on special request and price
  • Search Fabric by properties in ArahWeave

Fabric Simulations

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