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Training Division of Nanosoft Technologies & Solutions

- Faculty have industry vast experience in Textile & Management

- Skill devlopment for individuals and professional designers of textile industries

- Job oriented Training Program

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* Individuals having minimum 10+2 board certificates and professionals having minimum 6 months textile industry experience are eligible to enroll with the program.

Program Guide

As an Industrial Computer Aided Textile Designing training pioneer, we have built innovative program for skill development on a framework of cutting-edge R&D, robust methodology, and high-quality education delivery. We are providing the most comprehensive portfolio of Product Designing and Merchandising assisted training solutions with the help of Next Generation Digital Tools to enhance the exploration and sales — addressing the learning needs of a wide segment, from individuals to professional merchandiser of textile industries.

Welcome! Training on Merchandising has been designed to facilitate to explore & create on your own marketing skill.

In order to familiarize the training program, we have developed this program guide. It is expected that you have read this program guide before the registration. So that you can understand the program and its objectives, target group, duration, content and design.

In textile industry sale of fabric at export houses/buying houses by a person designated as Merchandiser. Merchandising/ Buying house consists of a group of skilled persons like Merchandiser, Product Developer, Designers, Technician, Quality Manager, Logistic Manager along with a well-furnished office. Buying house plays an important role by collecting a lot of orders from the world’s top importers/buyers. The main purpose of buying house is to make a connection between buyers and manufacturers/exporters. Functions of both organizations are different from each other.

Buying agency is an autonomous body of buyer’s regional office, from where all kinds of necessary approval have given. They got an extra power as they are treated as buyer representative and deserve additional facilities from buyers. But buying office is that, which works at a time with different buyers and brands. It may have several wings to handle different buyers and brands individually. By this process, all the necessary approvals come from the buyer end, not from buying house. They just carry out buyer’s instructions. In a word, buying house is a marketing agent. They have to do bunch of works to chase buyers command to execute a bulk order. Main duties of buying house are to search foreign buyers, order collection by presenting several kinds of lucrative samples, look after sample development by following buyers command and send for sample approvals. Besides this, they have to search local manufacturers, look after product.

The faculty team (who is highly educated in Textile & Management and also have vast industry experience) owe a lot to the Training Division of Nanosoft Technologies & Solutions for extending the facilities for undergoing a program. The trainees come out with a thorough knowledge of all the Products, Quality Control/Assurance, Calculations, Designing, Machinery in use and much more. We hope that the completion of the program will enable the trainees to conceive, Explore – Design – Deliver the sales at textile manufacturing companies / export house a lot from raw material to the final shipment of finished goods.

Program schedule

130 Hours. "03 Months"

50 Hours.



Includes general idea of merchandising of textile products explanation of terminology used industry, of Merchandising from selection of raw material, its viability, quality parameters, Assurance for every stage of the product from designing, illustration, analyzing making of the product and related calculations & communication skills

60 Hours.



Create textile product based on the trends create designs on computer as a new design or product, applying construction to the designs in the process to making product visualizing-analyzing the same the design/product for final production, creating proto type of the product calculating yarn consumption and production time and finally presentation of that product texture on photographs of real time objects

20 Hours.



  • 2/3 visits at Production Unit for understanding and Project Submission
  • Project Submission
    • Analyzing Design & fabric
    • Finalize the final design with Weave Simulation
    • See LIVE sampling of your final Design

Ready to go...

Submit a project proposal for approval to the department. On approval of the proposal you may commence working on the project. Based on the approved project proposal prepare the report and submit the duly attempted projects within the stipulated dates of three months to the Program Director, Training Division of Nanosoft Technologies & Solutions.

The project report will be graded on a 5-point scale viz.,

A (excellent) / B (very good) / C (good) / D (average) / E (unsatisfactory)

You will be awarded a certificate directly from Training Division of Nanosoft Technologies & Solutions. The department will reflect the award on completion of the program within 4 weeks from the submission of the Project Report.


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