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also works with 64 bit operating systems

MS-Windows 10.1, openSUSE Leap 15.0 & APPLE MACINTOSH 10.14.3

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Arahne Updates June, 2020

Arahne d.o.o.

Arahne d.o.o, a company from Republic of Slovenia which belongs to European Union; developing software solutions for Textile Industry, for weaving ArahWeave JACQUARD Edition CATD/CAM software & ArahWeave DOBBY Edition CATD/CAM software, for designing repeat patterns in fabric density ArahPaint Edition software and for photorealistic 3D texture mapping ArahDrape Edition software. The software supports Multi-Processor. The software supports and works under various type of NETWORK ENVIRONMENT e.g. LAN / WAN / INTRANET / CLOUD and also support and works with all the known 64 bit operating systems e.g. MS-Windows 10.1, openSUSE Leap 15.0 & APPLE MACINTOSH 10.14.3. The software works in LAN environment along with cross operating systems also. The software solutions are independent from computer hardware and operating systems.

ArahWeave CATD/CAM (Textile) software has most advanced digital tools for Desiging - Weaving - Printing, across the globe

Arahne never sleeps there is somebody using Arahne programs at any time of day...


Designing - Weaving - Printing


Software solutions for drawing in seamless repeat and fabric density.
Along with all the standard & advanced tools for drawing



Integrated software solutions for Woven Jacquard-Dobby.
Graph file for handloom/mechanical, and digital file for Electronic Jacquard-Dobby



Software Solutions for Photorealistic 3d Texture Mapping.
World best available photorealistic 3d texture mapping software for visual representation


Arahne d.o.o.

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