New Generation Technology

Association With

world leading companies have new generation technology, the company details are...

  • Textile Designing-Weaving-Printing Software: We are sole exclusive authorize agent of Arahne, d.o.o. (a company from Republic of Slovenia which belongs to European Union; developing software solutions for weaving like ArahWeave JACQUARD edition CATD/CAM software & ArahWeave DOBBY edition CATD/CAM software for printing ArahPaint edition software and for presentation ArahDrape edition 3D-texture mapping software) range of software for INDIA. For more details,

  • CAD/CAM/CAE Software: We are sole exclusive authorize distributor of AutoDesSys INC. (a company from Republic of USA; developing CAD/CAM/CAE software solutions for 2D-Drafting, 3D-Modeling, Conceptual Design, Architectural Designing, Interior Designing, Product designing, Industrial Designing, Automotive Designing, Mechanical Designing, Jewelry Designing, Exhibit & POP Designing etc. like bonzai3d, form.Z & RenderZone) range of software for INDIA. For more details,

  • Computerized Jacquard Card Punching Machine: We are authorize agent of Fancy Textiles & Wovven Technologies (companies manufacturing computerized Jacquard Card Punching Machine) for INDIA.