Drawing In Seamless Repeat & Fabric Density

Arahne, d.o.o.


Software solutions for drawing in seamless repeat and fabric density

Arah PAINT4 4.2s / Arah Paint 5.0.1742 / Arah Paint 6.0.1817 gives the solutions for drawing. An image editor with most user-friendly interface which works in repeat, layers & user definable x/y grid ratio. Also, software has the all the standard & modern tools which required for drawing. Some special filters to draw fast pattern design. Some special features make this software unique

Add/remove ends & picks in irregular path. Generate ikat warp & weft wise. Support transparent and protected(masked) colours. Multiple undo-redo. Convert graph design in to solid colour design. Stitch the float of warp/weft according to shape of motif. Conversion of vector image (in .pdf, .ps, esp, .svg) to raster. Supports graphical formats e.g. .png, .gif, .pbm/.pgm, .pcx, .jpeg, .tiff, .bmp & .des

Screen Shots

Advanced Digital Tools


  • Scanning from paper & fabric or artwork
  • Auto colour reduction
  • Unlimited undo - redo
  • Convert scanned or artwork image as per fabric density
  • Transparent and protected colors support
  • Editing based on layers
  • Ruler along metric systems
  • Free hand or pen tool function
  • Geometrical tools function
  • Bezier tool works like poly-line tool
  • Fill tool function
  • Spray tool function
  • Brush tool function
  • Gradient tool function
  • Cut tool function
  • Paste tool function
  • Colours can be Mask & protect
  • Add or remove ends & picks in irregular form
  • Editing in different repeat mode function at any zoom level
  • Rotate/skew tool function
  • Magic-wand tool function for single colour selection
  • Resizing the image at any level
  • Contour tool function (with thick, thin, add, remove & prune)
  • Averaging and Despeckle
  • Add Noise
  • Conversion of design on graph paper into solid digital design
  • Ikat (warp wise / weft wise)
  • Create Zigzag (Horizontal/vertical/ both)
  • Create Wave (Horizontal/vertical/ both)
  • Stich the float of warp / weft according to the shape of motiff
  • Super impose
  • Tools for automatic pattern and image creation
  • Convert graph design in to solid colour design
  • Conversion of vector image (in .pdf, .ps, esp, .svg) to raster and back in ArahPaint5
  • Supports graphical formats e.g. .png, .gif, .pbm/.pgm, .pcx, .jpeg, .tiff, .bmp, .pdf, .svg & .des

Fabric Design

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